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If you cannot play, you can still support Trashmasters Scholarships. Click here to see our present scholars and give a gift! Thank you!


Trashmasters  2023 was a great success!
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Thanks to all who supported Trashmasters for 31 years. Trashmasters is thrilled to be able to grant four 4-year scholarships in 2023.

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Rick Reilly

Trashmasters 2023 Special Guest!

The Trashmasters is featured in
acclaimed Sports Writer Rick Reilly‘s recent book

So Help Me Golf 

Playing Golf to support Local Scholarships!

Trashmasters International is a non-profit organization benefitting the Trashmasters Scholarship Fund. The Trashmasters Golf Tournament began in Aspen more than 30 years ago!

Inspired by erratic shots (“trash”) that inevitably happen during golf outings, founders organized an event with new game rules that reward these shots. Trashmasters became known as “the world’s most unique golf tournament” and was so fun and popular, organizers saw an opportunity to use the event to fund a Roaring Fork Valley Scholarship program. The program helps local college-bound kids achieve their goals and dreams. The Scholarship program has grown tremendously and over the years has awarded scholarships to 99 students!

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You are amazing, Mackenzie. We are so proud of you.

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