World’s Most Unique Golf Tournament


The Trashmasters is dedicated to providing young men and women with
the opportunity to realize their educational goals and dreams.


The Trashmasters was founded in 1993 by Aspen businessman, Boone Schweitzer. 

The story goes…  Inspired by the erratic shots that inevitably happened during their golf outings, Boone and his golf buddies came up with new game rules that rewarded their “mistakes”. Boone found everyone had so much fun playing with these wacky rules, he organized a “Trash” Tournament that would benefit education for the local kids.

Because of the success of the Trashmasters Tournament, since 1993 the Trashmasters Scholarship Fund has been able to grant scholarships to 83 young men and women – 68 have graduated AND 15 students presently attend colleges throughout the country.

Trashmasters International is a Colorado 501 (c)(3).

“One hundred percent of our proceeds go to scholarships. Now it is one of the largest scholarship programs in the Valley, and I’m proud of that,” -Boone Schweitzer, founder.