Ben Armstrong  – University of Puget Sound 2009-2013

Email to Trashmasters received on June 19, 2015

Dear Trashmasters,

I am not sure who is now in charge of the Trashmasters scholarship program, but I just wanted to write a letter of thanks as a previous scholarship recipient.

After graduating Aspen High School in 2009 I attended the University of Puget Sound where I studied International Political Economy with minors in Environmental Policy and French (class of 2013).  I currently work in Bolivia with a nonprofit organization called Etta Projects in charge of an Ecological Latrine program. Because people have invested so much in my education and upbringing in the Roaring Fork Valley, I feel fortunate to be able to pass on that spirit of giving and improving the world around me through my work.

… Through my work with Etta Projects I work in public health to prevent illnesses; as the coordinator for the construction of the latrines (in six months the families can remove bacteria free compost for their gardens) and educating families about hygiene, sanitation, trash separation, and family gardens.  I would like to thank the Trashmasters that allowed me to pursue my dreams and that now is allowing me to improve the lives of those around the world so that they can learn to dream in the first place.

…Of course you can use any information you want for Trashmasters- if you would like more photos or more personal stories about my work just let me know or I also post many of the facebook posts on at: Etta Projects.  I would be glad to help in any way possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or if you would like me to write a more formal letter thanking donors.

Truly,   Ben Armstrong