Madison Coia  – U of Colorado, Boulder 2011-2015

In which country, state, city… do you live now? Vagabond//mobile lifestyle

Why did you decide to live there? Suits my needs….and my girlfriend bought a bus.

What are you doing for work now? Part time jobs // full time artist

If you have a significant other, please tell us about him or her.  She is the love of my life and I am grateful to have her support and sacrifice in pursuing my dreams.

Do you have kids? Please share their names and ages. None (yet)

Do you still have family and friends in the Roaring Fork Valley? Yes. Many of both.

Where and when did you graduate from college? CU boulder ’15

What did you study in college? BA Astronomy. Minor Geology/Dance

Which degrees have you achieved? All of the above.

Are you still working toward a certification or degree? Master in Linguistics (uncertified, but certifiable)

What’s an important lesson you learned from your schooling?  Keep trying. Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t believe everything you see. Systems are imperfect but in place for a reason.

What do you like to do in your spare time and why? My goal is to be a full time artist. All of my efforts are now going toward that.

Tell us about your favorite place or experience. Making my first album in my producers room. Sleeping on his floor and rapping into the drawn curtains.

What are your plans (or dreams) for the future? To achieve everything I set out to do.

Is there anything we can do to support you or your cause? Donate. Buy art. Tell your friends. Come to a class. Listen to a show. Get involved.