Miles Keilin  – California Polytechnic State U  2012-2016

In which country, state, city… do you live now? USA, California, San Luis Obispo

Why did you decide to live there? I fell in love with the area while attending Cal Poly

What are you doing for work now? I am currently looking for employment in the mechanical engineering field

If you have a significant other, please tell us about him or her.  I have a long term girlfriend who I met at Cal Poly. She is an Agricultural Business major and works as a ranch land management consultant on the California Central Coast

Where and when did you graduate from college? California Polytechnic State University

What did you study in college? Mechanical Engineering

Which degrees have you achieved? Bachelors of Science

What’s an important lesson you learned from your schooling?  There is always more to learn

What do you like to do in your spare time and why? I like to enjoy the diverse environment of the Central Coast. Hiking and paddle boarding are my favorite activities

Tell us about your favorite place or experience. I enjoyed manufacturing and testing custom carbon fiber materials while at Cal Poly

What are your plans (or dreams) for the future? I hope to work with composite materials in the recreational sports field

Is there anything we can do to support you or your cause? Keep supporting continued education for students of the Roaring Fork Valley