Natalie Roessler McCune  – Colorado Mesa U  2005-2009

In which country, state, city… do you live now? Salt Lake City, Utah

Why did you decide to live there? I met and married my husband who lived there.

What are you doing for work now? On staff as the worship leader of New Creation Church of Salt Lake City.

If you have a significant other, please tell us about him or her.  I have been married to Jeremy McCune for coming up on seven years. He’s an amazing husband, father, and business man. He is currently In real estate investment.

Do you have kids? Please share their names and ages. We have two precious girls: Abigail Rose- 2yrs and Eleanore Grace is due to be born in September.

Do you still have family and friends in the Roaring Fork Valley? Yes

What did you study in college? Elementary Education

Which degrees have you achieved? Bachelors in Liberal Arts with a teaching certificate.

What’s an important lesson you learned from your schooling?  Work hard and don’t take no for an answer. Do whatever it takes to reach your goals and remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don’t be afraid to fight for what you want.

What do you like to do in your spare time and why? Spend time with my family up in the mountains, splash parks, museums, the zoo. We love to travel to new places.

Tell us about your favorite place or experience. Last November we took our family (including our then almost 2yr old) to Israel on a holy land tour. That was truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

What are your plans (or dreams) for the future?  I would like to continue to provide a loving and enriching environment for my children as they grow. My husband and I plan to continue to build our business enabling us to not only provide for our family but to live generously towards others. I also have some musical aspirations I plan to pursue in the near future.