Robbie George –  Occidental College 2012-2016

In which country, state, city… do you live now? USA, IL, Peoria

Why did you decide to live there? That’s where I attend medical school.

What are you doing for work now? Medical Student/ Navy Officer

If you have a significant other, please tell us about him or her. I am dating a woman who is getting her PhD in Educational Psychology

Do you have kids? Please share their names and ages. N/A

Do you still have family and friends in the Roaring Fork Valley? Yes

Where and when did you graduate from college? Occidental College 2016

What did you study in college? Biochemistry and Spanish

Which degrees have you achieved? B.A. in Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish.

Are you still working toward a certification or degree? M.D. Candidate, expected graduation 2020

What’s an important lesson you learned from your schooling? Learn from your mistakes and use them as motivation.

What do you like to do in your spare time and why? I like to run because it refreshes my mind and makes me happy. It also keeps me healthy.

Tell us about your favorite place or experience. Occidental College is my favorite place, I loved going to school there and being on the cross country and track teams.

What are your plans (or dreams) for the future? I hope to become a surgeon. I am not entirely sure which type. I am also currently a Navy Officer and will serve in the Navy after my medical training.

Is there anything we can do to support you or your cause? Can’t think of anything now, but thank you so much for all of your previous support. I am eternally grateful.