Taylor Scott Mills –  U of Colorado, Boulder 2009-2013

In which country, state, city… do you live now? Colorado

Why did you decide to live there? This is where my school is located

What are you doing for work now? I am in Graduate school getting my PhD in immunology at the Anschutz Medical Campus

If you have a significant other, please tell us about him or her.  I have been with my girlfriend Maggie Fryke for four years and have been living with her for 3.5 of those years. We have a Jack Russel Terrier named Poppy. Maggie is the dream of my life, and brings me more happiness than I ever thought possible, and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing woman I know.

Do you have kids? Please share their names and ages.

Do you still have family and friends in the Roaring Fork Valley? My mother and father still live in the valley as well as a collection of family friends I made throughout my life in the valley

Where and when did you graduate from college? I graduated from University of Colorado at Boulder in 2013

What did you study in college? Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology

Which degrees have you achieved? B.A.

Are you still working toward a certification or degree? I am currently working on my PhD in Immunology. I just finished my first year.

What’s an important lesson you learned from your schooling?  The importance or preparation and starting early to accomplish your goals

What do you like to do in your spare time and why? I love to play video games, read, bike ride, hike, and cook with Maggie. These things allow me to rest the analytical aspects of my mind that get overworked from being in science. I especially love cooking with Maggie because we are both avid foodies that love to experiment and play with food, and its a great opportunity to spend quality time and love with one another.

Tell us about your favorite place or experience. My favorite experience was studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic during my Junior year of college. It was my first time in Europe, and allowed me to vastly expand my horizons, as well as spend four months in the most gorgeous city I have ever seen. I also had the opportunity to play in the European Football (American style football) League, a dream come true after having to let go of playing the sport after Highschool.

What are your plans (or dreams) for the future? I dream of adding a great advancement to the scientific community and aid in human health, with the ultimate dream of winning the Nobel Prize. I want to add to the world and give back in the best way I possibly can.

Is there anything we can do to support you or your cause? Keep me in the loop for upcomming events, I would love to show my support for everything the Trashmasters has done for me and pass knowledge down to the next generation.