The Trashmasters rewards the strange and bizarre events as they occur in a round of golf.

The unique format goes beyond the traditional birdies, sandies and greenies to reward more exotic trash, such as, Rockies, Barkies, and the popular Billy, honoring former President Clinton. Each trash shot has a respective point value.

A Trash champion is crowned in four divisions: men’s, women’s, senior’s and championship flights. Indeed, everybody is talking about the Trash, the whole Trash and nothing but the Trash!

People come from all over to tee it up with major celebrities. Past participants include: Wayne Rogers from the hit TV series M*A*S*H, actors Michael Douglas and Robert Wagner, the former Vice President Dan Quayle, Harvey Mackay and Woody Paige. The Tourney draws millionaires and construction workers alike – all in pursuit of the highly coveted “Golden Jacket.”

“Trashmasters has grown tremendously over the years due to the fun format we have. No matter how much golf you play, or how good you are, everyone can relate to trash. It happens.” – Boone Schweitzer, Chairman and Founder

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