The Trashmasters Scholars

Because of the support of our generous donors, in 2023 the Trashmasters
was able to award 4 scholarships to local college bound students.

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Ruby Fuller

Kimberly Sosa

Colorado School of Mines – 2027

Words cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity. I hope to one day be able to give back to my community in the same way you have given me. Your support and generosity mean a lot to me.

Claire Anderson

Washington University – 2027

I wanted to reach out and thank you personally for the incredibly generous scholarship! This truly impacts my family so much and I cannot thank you enough for your help and your time.

Ruby Fuller

Gabriella Yturri

Loyola Marymount University – 2027

Thank you again for this amazing opportunity and the incredible generosity. I am beyond grateful.

Jessie Spires

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2027

I plan to study communications with an emphasis in information science. I want to be able to use my education to make a difference in the community of the Roaring Fork Valley.

Ruby Fuller

Grace Petersen

Hamilton College – 2026

“Thank you so much again for this incredible opportunity. I plan on attending college where I will study biology or neuroscience with a minor in environmental science.”

Robin Muse

Boston University – 2026

“Thank you for the scholarship. I am so grateful. It will help me pursue my career in environmental studies to provide for a better future for generations to come.”

Ruby Fuller

Calla Diemer

Washington University – 2027

“Thank you so much to Trashmasters. Following a gap year, I will attend Washington University in St. Louis to study Neuroscience on a pre-med track.”

Tyger Campisi

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2026

“Thank you so much Trashmasters for this amazing scholarship. I’m excited to be going to the University of Colorado and studying engineering.”


Ruby Fuller

Caden Klein

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2025

“Thank you for awarding me with this amazing scholarship! This means so much to me and my family and I can’t wait to see you all at the tournament.”

Samantha Johnston

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2025

“Thank you for the scholarship, I am so grateful. It will help me pursue my career in environmental studies to provide for a better future for generations to come.”

Ruby Fuller

Jocelyn Carreno

Colorado State University – 2025

“Thank you Trashmasters for allowing me to pursue my passion for helping people. I’m majoring in Psychology and Political Science to help educate the world around me and create change.”

Gabby Narby

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2025

“Next year I plan on attending CU Boulder to study Biology on a Pre-Med track.”

Ruby Fuller

Ruby Fuller

University of Southern California – 2024

“Thank you for giving me the scholarship. I appreciate it so much. It means a lot to have the support of the community helping me on my next journey. I couldn’t be more excited.

Jonathan Woodrow

Baylor University – 2024

Thank you so much!! I am so honored to have been chosen for this scholarship. It means so much for me and will help my family tremendously! I plan to study Finance and Entrepreneurship.”

Ruby Fuller

Conrad Noel

University of Minnesota, Twin-Cities – 2024

Thank you very much for choosing me for the scholarship award. I’m incredibly grateful for you and your organization. Now I can go to my dream school and pursue the career I’ve dreamed of.

Jack Halferty

University of Wisconsin, Madison – 2024

“I vow to proceed with academic excellence these next 4 years to ensure that your money is well spent! Thank you so much again and I look forward to shaking your hands once this is all over!

Jaydon Richardson

Colorado School of Mines – 2023

I am committed to my education in the engineering field and I am one step closer to becoming an Environmental Engineer, thanks to your generosity.”

Josef Lloyd

Belmont University, Nashville – 2023

“I am so grateful… These funds will be instrumental (no pun intended) in allowing me to pursue my passion for music by studying Music Business at Belmont next year.”

Alex Ilic

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2023

I plan on studying engineering…  and participating in club tennis, club ski racing, engineering internships and volunteering/community outreach. 

Julia Mulhall

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2023

I would enjoy anything math/science based because it’s intriguing and makes sense.

Heidi Millard

Eckerd College, Florida – 2022

“I’m interested in pursuing a major that can help me to preserve the environment and influence social change toward conservation and sustainability, especially in terms of marine life.

Avery Nieslanik

University of Arizona – 2022

“First and foremost, I would like to thank you for considering me for this wonderful award. I am so grateful that you have chosen me as a recipient, I am excited to begin my studies!

Sophia Mitchell

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2022

“I want to thank the donors wholeheartedly for helping me in achieving my goals. As I progress through my college career, I hope to participate in an intellectually diverse environment. I am excited to see what my future holds.

Albert Marquez

Colorado State University – 2022

“I will make you proud. Like any incoming freshman into college, I don’t know what lies ahead. I know it will be difficult. However, I won’t forget you and why you chose me; why you believe in me. Once again, thank you.

Kaia Vresilovic

Chapman University – 2021

This fall I will be attending Chapman University and will be majoring in Political Science. I am so excited to be pursuing my dreams and furthering my education there. This would not have been possible without your support. Thank you!

Claire O'Sullivan

Villanova University – 2021

You all have really changed my future and have made my education possibilities endless. I cannot wait to show you where this award has taken me and prove to you that I am an investment that will never go unnoticed.

Patricia Rose Pettit-Blair

Humboldt State University – 2020

“With your help I am able to attend my dream school, Humboldt State University. I am so grateful for this scholarship. I promise to do my best in college.”

Mackenzie Langley

Denver University – 2020

“Thank you so much for helping me along on my educational journey. After studying at the University of Denver my goal is to work in the non-profit world so that I can help others as you have helped me.”

Diana Flores

Colgate University – 2020

“As Thoreau says “There is something in the mountain air that feeds the spirit.” Wherever I go, and whatever I chose to do, I will never forget the lessons and experiences that I have gained from my time in Aspen.”

Melissa Thrun

Colorado School of Mines – 2019

“The money that you give really does change the lives of many and I am so grateful that I was chosen to receive this scholarship. You have truly changed my life and provided me so many great opportunities.”

Jack Dresser

Fordham University – 2019

“Thank you very much for honoring me with your scholarship; it means a lot to me and my family. This award will help fund my education in New York City and that means more to me than I could hope to describe.”

Alice Furlong

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2019

“As a college student, my goal is to learn from as many people as possible, ultimately finding a career that will help to improve people’s lives and the world.”

Jessica Tyler

Cornell University – 2019

“Thank you so much for this insanely generous scholarship. I was shocked when I was asked to interview, and I had no expectation of receiving the scholarship. Thank you so much and I will see you at the tournament.”

Max Marolt

Trinity University – 2018

Max grew up in Snowmass Village and is a fifth generation area resident whose great-great grand parents matriculated here during the silver rush to mine Colorado’s mountains.

Tayler Quist

University of Colorado, Boulder – 2016

“Thank you… Trashmasters for making it possible… for the incredible opportunities to work with NASA and the National Solar Observatory (NSO). I may see you this year, otherwise home will always be Snowmass.”

Katie King

Lafayette College – 2016

“My four years at Lafayette College were everything I hoped for for my college experience, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Trashmasters. I graduated with a degree in Biology and I am back in the valley for the summer.”